Customer Stories

Our customers love ED! (Here's some proof.)

Just did a jaunt on my '13 RS after installing a standard rider E.D. seat, pillion with built in rider backrest, and matching pillion backrest. Over 100 miles of backroads, or about 3 hours, and it was awesome! I have never been that comfortable on ANY bike I have owned. Now to get those Venture saddlebags mounted to capitalize on the long distance comfort!

- Robert VanSlyke, Airizona

Hello Mike I just finished the installation of my new seat and after taking the bike for a quick ride to try out my big touring rider seat and solo back rest the first words that came into my mind were WOW THIS SEAT IS AMAZING. It's also a very comfortable ride. The difference is night and day. I would like to say to you thank you so much for all your help, advice and your time working with me. All the reviews about your products are accurate. I'm glad I didn't make a Mustang mistake lol. I've included some pictures of my bike let me know if they work for you or if it's easier for you I can text you them thank you again my friend and my God bless you.

- Warren Stuckey, California

Mike, I can't tell you the world of difference your passenger seat has made for my Sweetie! I really needed a recorder to get the exact words that were uttered. But I know for a fact...there were "squeals of delight" when she sat down for the first time! She said she "found her spot". "This is where I belong!" She was SO READY to Ride....She said "Let's go right now!" She hadn't noticed the steady rain that was coming down outside the stable door. I assured her she would have an opportunity very soon. Stock V-Star 1300 hard and narrow passenger seat VS ED well shaped cushioned comfort... Night and Day, Mike ! Night and Day! I've seen the LIGHT! Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful product, quick service, and professional attitude! I'll be showing it off this weekend at Baldwin's Blessing of the Bikes! Sincerely, CC and Co. aka Chip and Cheryl Northern Michigan 45th. P.S. Now I'm thinking...maybe I should "treat" myself, as well !!

- Chip, Northern Michigan

Just wanted to tell you I think its the most comfortable seat I've ever rode on and the wife loves hers too. We've got about 500 miles on them so far and no more back pain , Thanks for building such a great seat. Layne Road Star complete set. Big Touring rider seat, Passenger seat, Rider backrest, Passenger sissybar pad.

- Layne Asher, Mineral Point, MO